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For those so interested this course, Awakening 101, has been on-line in one form or the other for several years. Three weeks prior to the end of the calendar year 1999 I shut the course down and completely revamped and updated it. Went through every link, added and updated newer and better sources, and cleared out the old discussions on the Discussion Board. It wasn't completed until mid-January 2000 or so.

Except for closing down the Discussion Board a year ago or so---and an ongoing effort at updating and revamping of materials, offerings, and links---AWAKENING 101 has pretty much stayed on course. Recently however, (the outfit that provided the format, platform, etc. for the online delivery) decided to change everything around, including closing down their old site, creating a new one, and throwing in an enormous cost increase for their services. It has taken months, but now, as you can see, the course is up and running again, albeit no longer under the auspices of

The course has been run through over and over ensuring all the links are active, relevant, and quality. If YOU run into anything, typos, links down or not connecting to the right page...or whatever, that you feel should be brought to my attention PLEASE feel free to email me and let me know. It would really be appreciated.

Pages and links are constantly updated, modified, created, added to, and edited as new questions come up and clearer answers are available.

As you go through the course you will find the offerings generally reflect:

  1. Pages written by others that are offered as is, although sometimes with separate folders at the bottom with additional comments by me;

  2. Pages I have written myself; and,

  3. Pages written by others that I have edited, modified, or updated, but always with access to the original sources.

Those three types come in:

  • Those that closely agree with how I view it;

  • Those that are in contrast to how I view it.

In anycase, any page presented that carries with it it's OWN commerical thrust and/or religious doctrine is not being offered by me as an endorsement, personal or otherwise. It is only the punchline we are after here.

Soon you will be coming to a page called The "I" In Thus I Have Heard which relates within it's text the following:

When in accordance with worldy convention one speaks of a self, it is not spoken from the standpoint of the supreme and actual meaning. For this reason, although dharmas are empty and devoid of a self, there is no fault in speaking of an "I"; [simply] to take into account [the dictates of] worldly convention.

When reading all of that which is offered and you as a Zen adept start thinking "this is a lot of words," just take into consideration all that is being offered is being offered to assist in clearing the path and pointing the way toward the Tao and YOUR Awakening...and for our purposes here shall incorporate the concept of worldly convention as presented in the "Thus I Have Heard" suggestion.

Also, if you would like to reach me for any reason you can contact me by following the directions found at:






It is with great displeasure that the course provided Discussion Board has been shut down. In the very opening paragraphs of the course I wrote the following:

"...if you are here to argue, lambast, debunk or carry on against the above premise then there is a very good chance this is not the place for you. Such an individual with such views would probably be better served by expressing themselves on one of the online newsgroups such as alt.zen or one of the various message boards offered by Yahoo, Lycos, Excite, etc. So too, if you are here to promote, push, or champion some unrelated personal cause, religion, religious figure, or doctrine this is not the place for you.

Unfortunately, in both of the above cases, that is exactly what happened. It can be difficult enough to pursue the Dharma with diligence without outside interference, let alone the constant harping of those who may have another agenda. It is my understanding that anybody that has pursued the Way to this point, then that must be where their interests are. My place here is keep the path as unobstructed as possible while that pursuit is ongoing.