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Now at this point you are probably asking yourself once again as you did in the beginning chapters: "what does any of this have to do with anything?" That is, how can or how will a few articles on the internet or a book and a movie lead anyone or anything toward Enlightenment? Fair enough question. Lets look into that for a little while.

Lets say right this moment, this second, right now while you are sitting in front of your computer reading all this very important stuff, I tell your to drink some hot tea. Well, if you just happened to make hot tea five or ten minutes ago and brought it with you to your computer before you sat down maybe all you have do is reach over to the cup and take a sip. If, however, you haven't, you will probably have to go into the kitchen get out a pan, put in water, put it on the stove, turn on the heat, get a cup and put in a tea bag, wait for the water to boil, pour in the water, go back to your computer and let the tea seep for awhile before you can sip it.

That is all well and good if you have all the stuff in place beforehand. Every single one of everything that goes before you sipping that very first taste of tea has to be there, otherwise, no tea. What if there were no tea or tea bags around? What about a pan, heat, water? Where did the pan come from? Somehow it had to get to you initially. Somebody somewhere sometime dug the minerals out of the ground to forge the metal to make the pan. Before that some volcano had to belch up the stuff and the earth had to go into upheaval, planets had to form, the sun had to come into being, etc., etc. The same goes for the water, the cup, you, and everything else. There is an axiom from the sutras which will be elaborated on later, that goes something like:

This being present, that arises; without this that does not occur.

What I am trying to point out is: right now we, that is, you and I with this course, are putting into place certain "things" that will eventually bear fruit. The question is WILL the "fruit" that is forthcoming be at a level such that it is that which is intended? The clinker is: it will be up to you. It is out of my or anybody else's but your own hands. IT RESIDES IN YOU. However, YOU can help ensure the outcome if the following are purely executed:

  1. From the first generate only thoughts with the right escort.

  2. Support right thoughts already risen.

  3. From where thoughts arise, generate no thoughts that carry negative escort.

  4. Dispell any negative thought already risen.

The above four, of course, will take awhile...more than just reading it here and moving on to the next step, as they are truly a long-term lifestyle event. But, when the four become absorbed as an innate second-nature into your overall "that which you are thusness" you will find things that have been put into place or set into motion along the way will unfold on a broader scale with results that reflect the intent. Remember:

It cannot come to pass that the fruit of a deed well-done by the body, speech and thought sould have for a result that which is unpleasant, hateful, or distasteful. But that is should be otherwise is quite possible.

Sometimes too, it is good to place into context with the above that sometimes the harder you try, like going up a down escaltor, the more difficult it can be in attaining your goal. In Fear In Enlightenment and Zen, Tony Parsons, a modern-day person reputed to have experienced Awakening outside the Doctrine, writes one of the best and most interesting lines I have come across:

We all have a deep longing and a Deep Fear of the discovery of what we are, and the mind devises any way it can to avoid this discovery. The most effective way it avoids Awakening is to seek it.

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RIGHT ESCORT: What Does It Mean?