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The Buddha (560-480 BCE) sat seven years in meditation. The First Patriarch of Zen, Bodhidharma (470-543 AD) sat nine years facing a wall. During some of that time an adept that championed Bodhidharma's cause waited outside the Shaolin monastery where Bodhidharma resided . He was a Confucianist scholar, a prodigy who had mastered the theory of the Dharma and wanted no more than to receive the teaching from Bodhidharma. One winter as the sun set and it became cold it started to snow. The adept remained unmoving. When dawn began to break Bodhidharma took notice of the wretched sight outside the walls freezing and waist deep in snow and said, "What do you search for?"

He answered, "I would like to hear the Dharma's compassionate teaching so that it could be disseminated widely.

Bodhidharma said, "The various Buddhas of the past devoted themselves earnestly. They practiced what was difficult to practice, and endured what was difficult to endure. One cannot be shallow, small-minded, proud, or complacent."

The scholar listened to the advice, then took out a knife and cut off his arm at the elbow and displayed his now severed arm to Bodhidharma, all the while turning the white snow all around him red with blood. Bodhidharma took the scholar as a disciple.

Not having resolved his problem, the disciple was still deep in confusion. He entreated his teacher, "I have not yet found peace of mind. Please grant me peace of mind."

Bodhidharma responded, "Bring me your mind and I will show you peace."

"I cannot grasp it," the disciple replied

Bodhidharma then said," Then I have shown you peace of mind."

The disciple's name was Hui-K'o, to be the Second Chinese patriarch.

This is basically the final step before going to the reading list. It is, however, an on-going, continuing step, a Karma builder of sorts, as it suggests through you to others, to look into and investigate the Dharma. It sounds trite, but if you feel that what has been made available to you through AWAKENING 101, in whole or in part, is worthy of being shared with others, all that needs be done is to bring it to the attention of others who may share a like or simialr interest that you come in contact it in real life, e-mails, web pages, or responses to newsgroups or message boards. Remember Hui-K'o above, and the first thing he said to Bodhidharma, "I would like to hear the Dharma's compassionate teaching so that it could be disseminated widely." He severed his arm to do just that. Rememember too, the precepts of:


Anytime you are in a Zen or Buddhist related newsgroup such as alt.zen or a message board such as Yahoo, Lycos, Excite, Delphi, etc., list or mention the link to AWAKENING 101, THE WANDERLING, or any of the individual pages that relate to such subjects as Satori, Sunyata, Shikantaza, etc. Put it in guest books and suggest it on your own pages if you have one. The whole idea is to provide an increasingly open access to the Dharma. Like I say, it's a Karma thing. If you would like to read, post, reply or leave messages on various online message boards related to Zen, the Tao, or Buddhism the link below offers quick, easy access to most of the major boards and some of the minor ones. Although you can usually read any of the messages on the various boards, keep in mind to respond or leave messages you usually have to register in some fashion or manner:



As you go through the internet exploring Buddhist and Zen related pages and sites you will find not everyone is willing to actually link through, recognize, or suggest AWAKENING 101 or anything by the Wanderling...that is why the grassroots effort. Most who push the Dharma push their own agenda. My emphasis on outside the scriptures as well as seeing Enlightenment NOT as a money making commercial venture, but as a personal, life-changing experience, does not set well with a lot of people. Especially those who, once they have an indication to a slight insight, feel they have a mission to go out and SAVE YOU by separating you from money in your pockets to money in thier pockets.

A blatant example of nearly borderline censorship can be found by going to the following link below wherein valid and relevant links and footnotes attributed to the Wanderling are constantly being deleted and/or removed:


Two very simple yet EXCELLENT offering to others for what has been presented through me and AWAKENING 101 can be found by going to:



The Paths to the Center uses a blog as the platform for delivery. The Simontzu link uses both blogs and the alternate use of online and electronic technology, Twitter. Both are low key sites and neither return extraordinary high results. However, in the simple fact that the AWAKENING 101 or Wanderling sites or URLs are listed give strength in numbers, often attracting the casual observer to higher results. Write either of them if you like. People are always putting comments or links about AWAKENING 101 and any number of my pages on Reddit.Com. Another quite easy example someone suggested recently is to just place me, from my MySpace page, into the first or second position in your Friends catagory of YOUR MySpace account. People see it and click through.

A semi-suspected gut-feeling censorship that I have written about, that can be found at the bottom of A Child of the Cyber-Sangha, is an example that I feel carries within itself a sort of an undertone of a "can't quite put your finger on it" bias. Again, as presented below, it is written by me and found in A Child of the Cyber-Sangha:

A web-based spiritual organization named, an organization that leans heavily toward the works of Richard Rose --- of whom I write, within reason, quite favorably on my page about Alfred Pulyan --- has placed on the web, under their own auspices, the above article, A Child of the Cyber-Sangha. They have done so basically verbatium, albeit without citing the original source and placing it under a NEW title with NO reference to the original title, simply calling it THE WANDERLING --- stating the author as "unknown."

You, as a reader of the article as it appears above, and having got this far, may find their reasons for placing the article on the web of interest. An editor of writes at the top of the page:

"This article was posted on and garnered responses from several readers. The common theme among the readers: they believed that the author of The Wanderling experienced an intellectual satori but did not have a maximum realization experience."

I am NOT in agreement with the decision reached that the level of Attainment alluded to by the young man so attested to in the article was just, only, merely, or limited to so-called Intellectual Satori --- the Experience being much more encompassing. It could be the reason reached among the readers that they themselves were coming from an intellectual bias. As for my reasons for disagreement, although it has been years since I have had contact with the young man in question, I had numerous contacts with him both prior to and following his claim as put forth in the article --- so how I view his outcome may be somewhat enhanced away from the Intellectual Satori view by information made privy to me that goes unknown to others.

As for myself, do NOT confuse the title of the article "The Wanderling" as presented by, with the contents contained therein as relating to ME as being the person the article refers to. For one thing the young man so refered to was born in 1983 --- I was at the ashram of the Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi 40 years before the young man was even born as outlined in SRI RAMANA MAHARSHI: The Last American Darshan --- my age being shown quite clearly at the top of my MySpace page and noticeably coming into the world well before the year 1983. So too, as for any Attainment so related back to me please see Dark Luminosity. For level of Attainment please see Inka Shomei --- a Zen or Buddhist related term from the Japanese language that means or translates into "the legitimate seal of clearly furnished proof," --- a confirmation made by a master that his student has completed his training with said master.

AWAKENING 101 has grown from just a few links to thousands of links as people have asked more and more questions or sought deeper and deeper answers. In an effort to provide those answers I have searched and searched ever deeper into obscure areas of the internet bringing up paragraphs, sections, and pages that no one would ever find. Doing so and then linking them on some of my more popular pages has pulled them from the backwash of a search engine's capabilities to the forefront. Others have then taken those pages, that would never have been found under normal circumstances, and presented them themselves, usually without credit. Two good examples are The Five Varieties of Zen and Maugham in India. The five types or varieties of Zen are all over the internet now, when before nobody ever heard of them. Maugham in India stuff shows up all the time as well ---when, where and how, all steming from my ORIGINAL research --- again usually with out credit. Compare, for example, my Maugham in India (above) with BeeZone's Somerset Maugham. Word for word except for credit and click through links. There are hundreds and hundreds of other examples on the net AND I have no problem circulating or advancing the Dharma --- the problem is, that without links or credit those who run into uncredited and unlinked pages get stopped there --- they cannot continue to this same point you have reached.

Link anything you want of my pages to Wikipedia or anybody's and see what happens. However, before you do, and, even though you have got this far into the course --- which would seem to indicate that you are favorably predisposed to what you have encountered thus far --- please visit or revisit what others have had to say who consider AWAKENING 101 not to be the valid vehicle I have attempted to make it be. See:



For a clarification on how Karma unfolds and the role it plays in what and how you do or don't do things in your life please go to the folder below titled ENLIGHTENMENT AND KARMA



The suggested reading list follows in Folder #10.