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Final Page

NOTE: Very Important that you go to the folder at the bottom of the page as well.

The SUGGESTED READING LIST starting below is divided into three sections. Books you should REALLY, REALLY read; books you should read; and books that would be nice if you read. However, whatever you do, it is not suggested that you run out and buy or obtain a whole stack of books then sit down and try and plow through them. You will probably find a huge stack of books intimidating and possibly boring...and instead of actually reading them you will just pick them up one at a time every once and a while, scan them a few times and then set them aside to catch dust. Not the best thing to do.

If you are just surfing through the course pages and have come upon this page sooner than you should have there is a section below the list that will allow you to investigate the Enlightenment-experience INSIDE THE DOCTRINE, which, if you have gone through the course, you will have learned is NOT the main thrust. HOWEVER, you will find that once you reach a certain level there is NO inside or outside the doctrine...something difficult to perceive from the "outside."




Easy alphabetical access to many of the web site suggestions found throughout the course. Has an updated list of new and updated pages.

I. Books You Should Really, Really Read:

  • Understanding Zen, by Radcliff & Radcliff, Tuttle Library of Enlightenment

  • The Tao of Zen, by Ray Brigg, also Tuttle

  • The Compass of Zen, by Zen Master Seung Sahn, Shambhala

  • The Blue Cliff Record, translated by Cleary & Cleary, Shambhala

  • NO BARRIER: Unlocking the Zen Koan, translated by Thomas Cleary, Bantam Books

  • BE AS YOU ARE: the Teacings of Sri Ramana Maharshi, by David Goodman, Arkana Penguin Books

  • Ramana Maharshi and the Path of Self-Knowledge, by Arthur Osborne, Samuel Weiser, Inc.

  • The Spritural Teaching of Ramana Maharshi, forward by C.G. Jung, Shambhala

  • Master Dogen's Shobogenzo, Vols. I,II,III,IV, translated by Gudo Nishijima & Chodo Cross, Windbell

  • ANYTHING by Wei Wu Wei, the best kept secret in all of the Enlightenment field.

II. Books You Sould Read:

  • ZEN BUDDHISM: Selected Writings by D.T. Suzuki, edited by William Barrett, Doubleday Anchor Books

  • AN INTRODUCTION TO ZEN BUDDHISM, by D.T. Suzuki, Edited by Ch.Humphreys, Grove Press (synopsis)

  • The Diamond Sutra & Sutra of Hui Neng, translated by A.F. Price and Wong Mou-Lam, Shambhala

  • The Diamond Sutra Fairly good on-line version

  • The Sutra of Hui Neng On-line version. Seems complete

  • The Way of Chuang Tzu, by Thomas Merton, New Directions Penguin

  • LAO-TZU Te-Tao Ching, translated by Robert G. Henricks, Ballantine Books

  • TAO TE CHING by Lao Tzu Complete on-line version

  • Introduction to the Chuang-Tzu Selected on-line version

  • The Way of Zen, Alan W. Watts, Vintage Books

  • Fundementals of Mainstream Buddhism, by Erich Cheetham, The Buddhist Society

  • The Meditative Mind, by Daniel Goleman, Putnam Books

  • The Three Minute Meditator, by David Harp, MJF Books

  • Living Buddha ZEN, by Lex Hixon, Larson Publications

  • Godel, Escher, Bach, by Douglas R. Hofstadter, Vintage Books

III. Books It Would Be Nice If You Read:

  • VISUDDHI MAGGA: The Path of Purification, by Bhikkhu Nanamoli, Buddhist Publication Society

  • The Tao of Physics, by Fritjof Capra, Bantam Books

  • The Dancing Wu Li Masters, by Gary Zukav, Bantam Books

IV. Comments on THE RAZOR'S EDGE:


INSIDE THE DOCTRINE: Investigating Buddhism

The following suggestions are NOT books per se, but on-line links that will lead you into and through some fairly informative aspects of Buddhism and the Enlightenment-experience from the Pali Buddhist perspective. Please be sure and read the forty-plus questions and answers. The page also carries the ability for you to ask and have questions answered:

  1. BUDDHIST INSTRUCTION: Questions & Answers

  2. Fundamental Buddhism Summary

  3. Tipitaka


  1. GONG-ANS (Koans): Beyond Words, Thoughts, and Intellect A good introduction and explanation as to WHAT koans "are".

  2. ZEN KOANS: Trancending Duality

  3. ZEN TALES COLLECTION: 97 Koans The most beautiful, comprehensive koan collection on the net.

  4. Comments on the Mumonkan, All 48 koans, with commentaries.


There is one somewhat "werid" version or approach to the Buddhist sutras called The Gospel of Buddha researched and written by a man named Paul Carus in 1894. His idea was to introduce Buddhism to people used to the Christian bible tradition by recreating the sutras in a bibical format. In it's own way it is quite interesting. A complete 100 chapter 1915 version can be found on-line by clicking:



Every Englightened cyber-master dead or alive rated and how to reach them (mostly the live ones). Although for years I citied not to expect to find the Wanderling listed, Sarlo for some reason, has changed his mind. Not only that, he has written a rather extensive and interesting (albeit not totally 100% accurate, but very, very good nontheless) critique on ME listed on the above Sarlo link and here as well as "MORE". There is something I like about Sarlo's pages, I guess because it is so festive and sort of carnival like AND he doesn't pull punches. Besides I like these "Labor of Love" guys. The thing is I always sort of "prided" myself on the fact that in the past he never thought me or my stuff was good enough to be on his list. Now I'm not sure what to think. Even so, you have to like his stuff. A great contributer to the Dharma.

THE AWAKENED TEACHERS LIST the onetime premier site, and what was once a thorough, quality, and extensive searchable list of spiritual teachers past and present, with photographs and click-through links to available websites, is now a former shell of itself...which is too bad.

Worth considering is the following simple-to-access alphabetical list by The Gate Keeper. Usually you will find The Gate Keeper's list more up to date with the latest and best pages available...typically, and this is a plus, with fewer broken links:

THE GATE KEEPER: List of Spiritual Teachers

In the end, don't be afraid to go through AWAKENING 101 over and over, plus, don't be reluctant to recommend it to your friends or anybody else on the internet who may be considering being Seekers Along the Path.


If you would like to get into more studies regarding Buddhism in the TRADITIONAL SENSE or just want to add to what you already have garnered, in the section below titled "Two Final Pages" I have linked a very good FREE online course to investigate that covers all the major fundamentals of Buddhism and orders, including a seven chapter section on Zen.