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An Introduction to the Major Traditions of Buddhism

the Wanderling
And the graceful services of the Chico Dharma Study Group

Part One The Fundamentals of Buddhism

  1. Chapter One Buddhism A Modern Perspective
  2. Chapter Two The Pre-Buddhist Background
  3. Chapter Three The Life of the Buddha
  4. Chapter Four The Four Noble Truths
  5. Chapter Five Morality
  6. Chapter Six Mental Development
  7. Chapter Seven Wisdom
  8. Chapter Eight Karma
  9. Chapter Nine Rebirth
  10. Chapter Ten Interdependent Origination
  11. Chapter Eleven The Three Universal Characteristics
  12. Chapter Twelve The Five Aggregates
  13. Chapter Thirteen The Fundamentals in Practice

    Part Two The Mahayana

  14. Chapter Fourteen The Origins of the Mahayana Tradition
  15. Chapter Fifteen The Lotus Sutra
  16. Chapter Sixteen The Heart Sutra
  17. Chapter Seventeen The Lankavatara Sutra
  18. Chapter Eighteen The Philosophy of the Middle Way
  19. Chapter Nineteen The Philosophy of Mind only
  20. Chapter Twenty The Development of Mahayana Philosophy
  21. Chapter Twenty-One Mahayana Buddhism in Practice

    Part Three The Vajrayana

  22. Chapter Twenty-Two The Origins of the Vajrayana Tradition
  23. Chapter Twenty-Three Philosophical and Religious Foundations
  24. Chapter Twenty-Four Methodology
  25. Chapter Twenty-Five Myth and Symbolism
  26. Chapter Twenty-Six Psychology, Physiology and Cosmology
  27. Chapter Twenty-Seven The Preliminary Practices
  28. Chapter Twenty-Eight The Vajrayana Initiation
  29. Chapter Twenty-Nine Vajrayana Buddhism in Practice

    Part Four The Abidharma

  30. Chapter Thirty An Introduction to the Abhidharma
  31. Chapter Thirty-One Philosophy and Phychology in the Abhidharma
  32. Chapter Thirty-Two Methodology
  33. Chapter Thirty-Three Analysis of Conciousness
  34. Chapter Thirty-Four The Form and Formless Spheres
  35. Chapter Thirty-Five Supramundane Consciousness
  36. Chapter Thirty-Six Analysis of the Mental States
  37. Chapter Thirty-Seven Analysis of the Thought Process
  38. Chapter Thirty-Eight Analysis of Matter
  39. Chapter Thirty-Nine Analysis of Conditionality
  40. Chapter Forty The Thirty-Seven Factors of Enlightenment
  41. Chapter Forty-One Abhidharma in Daily Life

    Part Five Ch'an

  42. Chapter Forty-Two Ch'an (Zen) Outside the Scriptures
  43. Chapter Forty-Three Bodhidharma
  44. Chapter Forty-Four Hui-neng
  45. Chapter Forty-Five The Diamond Sutra
  46. Chapter Forty-Six Lin Chi Zen Lineage (Rinzai School)
  47. Chapter Forty-Seven Tsao Tung Zen Lineage (Soto School)
  48. Chapter Forty-Eight ZEN: Is It Buddhism?