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There are two pages that require passwords to get into. The first page is an excellent "inside" the doctrine self-paced correspondence course on Buddhism, of which on the bottom of the page I have included access to several other on-line Buddhist-related correspondence courses, or as they are sometimes called, Distance Learning, for your consideration and Enlightenment pleasure. The other is a page that continues what happened to me following my experience with the Obeah, which at this time is NOT CURRENTLY ACCESSIBLE

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The Buddhism correspondence courses should really only be done AFTER you have finished going through ALL of Awakening 101. As for the follow-up of what happened to the Wanderling following the Obeah, that is for those so interested. You will have to email and request passwords, however:

Due to the volume of mail, junk or otherwise, in response to the above so your request is not overlooked, please type in the email subject line: Password or Awakening 101