Eight Additional Siddhis

Yogi Chaitanya Dev


Parkaya Pravesh means entering oneís soul in the body of some other person.     
Through this knowledge even a dead body can be brought to life. Just about 
three thousand years back, Shankaracharya had to take help of this knowledge 
in order to defeat Mandan Mishra in a spiritual debate. But as time passed 
this knowledge became extinct in the society and today only a very few Yogis 
have full practical knowledge of this unique practice. This knowledge is 
considered to be so important and secret that only a few Yogis, known to me, 
pknow of this ractice and after them this practice shall perhaps vanish from 
this earth.  


This Vidya or knowledge has been mentioned in several ancient texts. On 
acquiring this Vidya a person neither feels hungry nor thirsty and he can 
remain without eating food or drinking water for several days at a stretch. 
Several Yogis of the Himalayas, remain engrossed in deep Sadhanas for months 
and years without eating or drinking anything. When they do not eat or drink, 
they do not even have to empty their bowels. Thus they are able to perform 
long  penance for years and their bodies also remain healthy and fit, even 
without food. Acharya Vishnu Sarang, the famous Tantrik from Nepal and Yogi 
Manohar are proficient in this Vidya. It has been reported there is a yogi 
that lives on the peak of the holy mountain Arunachala that has not had 
anything to eat since 1990.  


Just as one does not feel hungry or thirsty in Haadi Vidya similarly in Kaadi 
Vidya a person is not affected by change of seasons i.e. by summer, winter, 
rain etc. After accomplishing this Vidya a person shall not feel cold even if 
he sits in the snow laden mountains and shall not feel hot even if he sits in 
the fire. Thus a Sadhak can perform incessant penance without being affected by 
change of weather or seasons. The Jain scholar, Pragya Sun had accomplished 
both the Haadi & Kaadi Vldyas. Guru Gorakhnath and Matsayendranath too had 
accomplished them. Today the Jain scholar of Mahabalipuram Sun Maharaj and Yogi 
Vishambhar of Badrinath are accomplished in these Vidyas and have kept these 
practices alive. 


On accomplishing this Vidya, a person becomes capable of increasing or 
decreasing the size of his body according to his wish. Lord Hanuman had 
miniaturized his body through this Vidya while entering the city of Lanka. The 
average height of a human being is six feet. Through this Vidya a person can 
reduce the size of his body to the size of a mosquito and can even enlarge his 
body to a size of over hundred feet. A few years back a conference of Yogis was 
held on the Bhairav hill, near Dehradun and in this conference Tailang Baba (an 
ascetic) demonstrated this miraculous practice before hundreds of Yogis. This 
Vidya is almost extinct today and in my opinion only Tailang Baba has 
accomplished it. 

    Anima Siddhi - The ability to decrease the size of one's body and become 
    smaller than the smallest particle. Through this siddhi one may enter into 
    stone or change the density in one's body, enabling one to pass through 
    solid matter. 

    Mahima Siddhi - The ability to increase the size of one's body, 
    ultimately enveloping the universe.


Through this Siddhi a person can become capable of flying in the skies and 
traveling from one place to another in just a few seconds. The Jain scriptures 
speak of Jain ascetics who could fly from place to place in a few seconds. 
Swami Divakarsuri and Swami Pragyasuri have been such accomplished ascetics. 
Although there are several occasions of individuals flying reported in the 
Sutras of classical Buddhism and Zen, the Venerable Pindola Bharadvaja is 
probably the person most commonly cited. 

Swami Vishuddhanandji (d. 1937)(sometimes spelled: Vishuddhananda, 
Vishudhanandaaka; aka: Gandha Baba, Perfume Saint), well-known for his s
supernatural powers and said to be an adept associated with the mysterious 
Gyanganj (Jnanaganj) hermitage somewhere in Tibet -- a secret place of great 
masters -- demonstrated this practice in Varanasi and proved that it is not a 

Today Yogi Chaitanya Swami of Madurai and Yogi Niranjan Swami living near Kanya 
Kumari are the Yogis who have accomplished this practice. But it seems that 
this knowledge shall perish with them. See as well the Wanderling's Journey. 

    Laghima Siddhi - The ability to make one's body lighter than air and fly at 
    will. The perfection of this siddhi enables one to travel on the sun's 
    ray's enter into the sun planet.  


One can acquire immense and unlimited wealth through this Siddhi. Itís said 
that once Shankaracharya saw a very poor and destitute woman and with the help 
of the Kanakdhara Yantra he showered gold in her house. This Yantra is made on 
a silver plate and 36 squares are formed by drawing 7 lines each, horizontally 
and vertically. Then the Beej Mantra is written in these squares. Today only a 
very few people have full and authentic knowledge of this Siddhi.  


Through this Sadhana a Yogi can direct his disciple to take birth from the womb 
of a woman, who is childless or cannot bear children. Several Yogis have thus 
blessed infertile women with children. Swami Vishuddhanand had accomplished 
this Sadhana and had used it to bring happiness into the lives of several 
women. But today only two or three persons are accomplished in this Sadhana.  


This Solar science is one of the most significant sciences of ancient India. 
This science has been known only to the Indian Yogis and using it, one 
substance can be transformed into another through the medium of sun rays. 
Swami Vishudhananda had demonstrated the miracles of this science about 50-60 
years ago, by transforming a paper into rose and a cotton ball into gold. 
This science has been kept alive by Divyendu Ghosh and some other Yogis, 


This Vidya was created by Adi Shankaracharya. Through it even a dead person can 
be brought back to life. This practice may seem to be a myth but it had been 
used by Guru Gorakhnath several times. Today only a few persons have practical 
knowledge of this Vidya. 

     Prapti Siddhi - The ability to manifest any object one desires within
     one's hand.  This siddhi removes the limitations of space which 
     separate two objects from each other. It is said one will even be able  
     to touch the moon with one's finger [i.e. the limitation of distance is

     Prakamya Siddhi - The ability to attain anything one desires. 
     Ishita Siddhi - The ability to control the sub-potencies of the laws of
     nature. This enables one to control various energies and seemingly 
     defy the laws of nature. 

     Vashita Siddhi - The ability to bring others under one's control. 

     Kamavasayita Siddhi - The ability to attain anything anywhere. This is the 
     highest of the eight and contains most of the abilities of the other 

Yogi Chaitanya Dev (pseudonym, nom de plume)

From the works of Sri Chaitanya Deva, (1485-1533), Indian mystic and saint, 
also known as Gauranga (the Golden). Born of Brahman parents in 
Nabadwip, Bengal, a center of Sanskrit learning.  He attained prominence as a 
scholar at an early age, but at 22 underwent a profound religious 
conversion. Two years later, at age 24, he became a renunciant and left 
home on pilgrimage. He eventually settled in Puri, Orissa, where he 
lived the rest of his life.

Chaitanya was known for his Siddhis and wrought many miracles in his lifetime. 
But one in particular stands out. He had gone with his followers to witness the 
great chariot festival of Lord Jagannath in Puri. Suddenly, the towering 
chariot of the Lord came to a stop. Thousands of people pulled at the ropes but 
could not budge it. Elephants were brought, but they too failed. Finally 
Chaitanya came to the back of the chariot and devotedly leaned his head against 
it. The chariot began to move! By such miracles and his personal saintliness, 
Chaitanya inspired a religious revival which continues to this day.

Banaras Hindu University